Privacy Policy

We place a high value on our readers’ trust, and take all necessary steps to ensure information privacy for every one of our site’s visitors. We will only use the information you provide us for the specific purpose for which it was provided. We respect your right to have control over your own personal information, and promise that your data will not be sold or given to anyone, and the information you provide will only be used by us and the third-parties specified directly by you.

What Kind of Information Is Collected?

The only personal information collected by us is that which you provide by entering data into our online forms. When you enter data, we collect and submit it to our network of third-party life insurance companies. The life insurance companies use this information to provide you with quotes for life insurance. If you have questions or would like more information on how this works, please visit our Terms of Service page.

To respond to customer requests and service issues, as well as to analyze the flow of traffic on our site and enhance it for a more useful and enjoyable user experience, we may use tools including Google Analytics to view, analyze and interpret information from our site’s visitors. The statistics we collect can include the type of browser used, computer operating systems, and URL addresses that show us the pages viewers clicked on when they came into the site, viewed additional pages, and then left.

What Happens to My Information?

When you submit your personal information, we only share it with the term insurance companies with whom we have an established third-party relationship. If you send additional information to us using our site’s contact form, we use this information solely to respond to your questions or requests. We will only contact you upon your request, and do not sell, distribute or disseminate any of your information to any other party without your express consent.

Please be aware that if you post comments on our site’s publicly-accessible blog, any information you provide can be read and used by any party that accesses the blog.

How Secure is My Information?

We take data security very seriously. Your personal data is protected using industry-standard security measures to safeguard your information while it is being transmitted and after we receive it and pass it to our third-party insurance companies.

No Internet data transmission is 100 percent secure, however, and we cannot guarantee absolute security. Please use our contact form to ask any questions or voice any concerns regarding our site’s data security.

How Can Consumers Review & Request Changes to Submitted Information?

As soon as we collect your data, we pass it on to our third-party insurance companies. We are not responsible for the data once we pass it on. Consumers wishing to change their data can submit new information to us, or follow up directly with the third-party insurance company to which they want the information provided. You may also contact us using our site’s contact form with your request.

Keep Your Information Safe on Third-Party Sites

Our site has many other websites that link to it, as well as links from our site that go to many other sites. Once you leave our site through one of these links, we have no control over them and suggest that you review their privacy policies.

Many sites do not promise to keep your personal information protected, and may share it with other parties. For more information on privacy policies and guidelines, visit the Online Privacy Alliance.

How Do We Notify Consumers of Any Material Changes to Our Privacy Policy?

If we make any material changes to our privacy policy, we will post them on this page to alert our viewers of the changes and how consumers are affected.

Our privacy policy, in its current form, is effective as of November 30, 2011. We may update our privacy policy in part or whole periodically, to reflect any necessary changes in our site’s information handling practices. In the event that we make any changes, they will be posted here with an updated effective date.