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Term Life Insurance News is here to help you stay on top of the latest life insurance news and information. As insurance professionals, finance writers, and just regular folks like you, we’re not here to sell you on life insurance. We assume you need insurance and our goal is to educate you.

Life Insurance is Confusing!

The hardest part in finding the right life insurance is making sense of all the mixed messages out there. You’ll find people like us who are enthusiastic about term life insurance as the cheapest way to protect those who depend on your income. Then there are those who are afraid to upset anyone, so they walk the middle of the road, never providing any opinion at all. Finally, there are those that make a killing selling whole life insurance. They never stop talking about it’s supposed advantages. We hope the information and opinions expressed on this site can help you make sense of it all and buy the right life insurance for your needs.

Read, Learn, then Make Up Your Own Mind

We want to make sure you understand one thing: Although we are personal finance and insurance professionals, we want you to think with your own brain. Much of what you read here will be our opinions, based on the news, our personal understanding of life and our professional experiences in the financial and insurance fields. So snoop around the Web and think it over. If you agree that term life insurance is the best way to go, we’d appreciate you coming back here to compare a few quotes here on this site. The proceeds from this site keep our writers in coffee, pens and jammies.

Now it’s time to meet the fine folks who run Term Life Insurance News:

Chad Fisher

Chad is the site manager and expert on the business of providing insurance quotes. He’s a family man who has seen it all when it comes to the sales tactics of insurance companies and agents. Chad wants to share his knowledge to help consumers make balanced insurance-buying decisions. He hopes this blog will help you sidestep tactics of
commission-motivated agents so you can buy only the insurance you really need.

Jessica Bosari

Jessica is our site editor, a freelance Web writer and editor who has been blogging about personal finance for a couple of years now. She’s also a 13-year insurance industry veteran. Her expertise lies in claims and she is happy to share her wealth of knowledge with our readers in both insurance and financial manners. If you find a mistake on this Website, she’s the one to blame. She welcomes your feedback emails: jessica@termlifeinsurancenews.com.

Heather Hollingsworth

Heather has been writing about insurance quotes for almost two years, so she knows her way around the business. She is pursuing a graduate degree from the University of Oklahoma, when she is not chasing three teenagers and two felines. Her strengths are in making simple sense out of complex insurance issues. Her mantra is, “Always get three

Mallory Hall

Mallory is a married mother of two working her fanny off. When she’s not waitressing double shifts, she’s blogging for us here about family life and writing on a freelance basis. Mallory H. is her Textbroker ID. Mallory knows how important it is to have a financial backup plan. We expect you’ll be thinking more about your financial backup plan after reading some of her experiences.